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Post 16 Application Process


In order to enrol with a Post 16 Centre, students are required to complete an online application form; (for West Suffolk College and Abbeygate only, apply direct via their website).

Students will be introduced to the MyChoice16 process at the start of Year 11 when they will also receive their log in details. They will be given the opportunity to complete their profile and application, including their Personal Statement, during the Autumn term in Year 11 but they will have access to their profile whenever they want. Once the Careers Team has approved student profiles, they are then required to submit their own application before the end of the Autumn term.

What are my Options after Year 11?  Guide to Post 16 Application Process

Students will start thinking about their Post 16 options during the summer of Year 10. Whilst this is still 8 months away from any application deadlines, the earlier students start to think and research their options, the more confident and comfortable they are with the decisions they make. The following guide provides all the essential information they will need at this stage