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Diversity Statement

Soham Village College is committed to the promotion of diversity and equality in everything we do.  In order to create a fair and just society, we want our school community to champion social inclusion and equality, respecting diversity, challenging discrimination and acting upon all forms of inequality.

Soham Village College works actively to celebrate diversity and challenge racism, sexism, homophobia and all other forms of prejudice.

We believe the best way to help our students to maximise their abilities and interests is to create a welcoming, inclusive and diverse environment where they can be themselves.  We are continually working to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to achieve the best of their ability regardless of their gender, racial background, religion, ability or sexuality.  The school takes positive action to promote racial harmony and positive attitudes towards life in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic school, through assemblies, the curriculum, extra-curricular and special projects throughout the year.