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Study Skills & Homework

Equipping students with the skills to study independently is crucial to both their academic success at school and continued successes when they leave.

Throughout your child's journey at Soham Village College we build and grow these skills so that they leave here with the capability and understanding of how to be lifelong learners. Below you will find two booklets, one aimed at students and one at parents and carers. These give both theory and practical strategies to help students become better independent learners and give them the tools to shape their own opportunities and futures.

Study Support Tile

Information for parents and carers - Theory and pracitcal advice about how to support your child to study and revise independently

Revision Menu - assistance for students completing their revision timetable

Soham Village College believes all homework set should be meaningful and positively impact a student’s progress.

What form this homework takes varies vastly from subject to subject as what works for one subject is not necessarily best for another. To ensure this happens across the school, faculties or departments have their own policies that comply with Soham Village College’s guidance set out below.

  1. IMPACT: Homework must be challenging, meaningful and help students make progress through consolidation, deepening understanding or preparing them very well for work to come.

  2. DIFFERENTIATED: Homework must be differentiated and appropriate for the student for whom it is set.

  3. REGULAR: Homework must be consistently set across the department by all teachers so that all students have the same experience.

  4. TIME TO DO IT: Students must be given sufficient time to complete a task.

  5. HOMEWORK SETTING: All homework should be recorded on Go4Schools and students should have time to record it in the information section in their planners.

  6. RECORDING HOMEWORK: Students will be awarded a +1 for completing homework or a -1 for not completing it. Additional points may be awarded if necessary.

  7. SANCTIONS: Where no reasonable explanation is forthcoming a student will receive a sanction for not completing homework. If there are problems with homework repeatedly not being completed, contact with home will be made and support put in place.

We have a homework club after school from Monday to Thursday, 3.00 - 4.00pm in the Library as well as homework club at lunchtime in The Hub that are supported by staff members. The Library is accessible before school, at break, at lunch and after school and has a suite of computers and a printer that are available for students to use if they require them to help with their homework.