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Year 9



In Key Stage 3 students will have three lessons a fortnight, where they will follow a curriculum, which will enhance their literacy, presentation skills, confidence and awareness of the world around them.  During Years 8 and 9 students will be completing a BTEC Entry 3 Certificate in Learning for Life.  This is a nationally recognised qualification, which will enhance their independent, creative, reflective and team learning.


Continuous assessment throughout the 2 years.  Students will compile a portfolio of evidence, which will be marked internally, moderated internally and externally standardised at the end of the 2 years. 



Informal letter writing

Exploration of the differences between formal and informal letter writing before completing a detailed informal letter.  Opportunity for creative learning.

Final letter will be formally assessed

Research and discussion

Formal research skills will be taught and students will gain knowledge of historic events that have shaped our history.  Opportunity for independent learning

Final presentation will be peer and teacher assessed

Guy Fawkes: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter

Reading of a variety of sources relating to Guy Fawkes, students recount the events in their own words and form their own conclusions based upon their reading, backed up with evidence.  Opportunity for creative learning

Final written assessment, will be formally assessed



Discussion on disability

Students will work together in small teams to look at the question How does the disability affect daily life, work life and social life?

Opportunity for team learning

Students will have a formal discussion, which will be observed and assessed

Hillsborough disaster – justice or not?

Students to review all sides of the disaster and subsequent legal case and draw their own conclusions. Opportunity for independent learning

Final report will be formally assessed

Corruption and scandal in sport

Students will pick and focus on a particular sporting scandal and produce a magazine article detailing the aspects of it.  Opportunity for independent learning

Final piece of work will be formally assessed


First Aid

Students will look at a variety of first aid situations and what do to in those circumstances.  Students will then complete a project to promote better knowledge of first aid.  Opportunity for independent learning

Final project will be formally assessed

Careers, finances and life skills

Students will identify sources of income, look at the difference between credit and debit.  They will examine the needs of household expenditure.  Students will also look ahead to their own careers and see what they can do

Formal write up of their findings will be formally assessed.