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Staff by Department

Art & Design Technology

Mrs A Harvey - Director of Art and Design Technology / Teacher of Art / Teacher Development Lead (maternity leave)

Miss L Holland - Head of Art and Design (maternity cover) / Teacher of Art

Mr T Mason - Head of Design & Technology

Miss AM Warren - Lead Teacher in Food Prep and Nutrition

Mr A Barlow - Teacher of Design Technology

Miss A Doherty - Teacher of Art and Design (maternity cover)

Mrs K Faulkner - Teacher of Food Prep and Nutrition

Mrs S Fraser - Teacher of Art and Design

Miss J Knight - Teacher of Electronics - Lead Teacher for STEM / Curriculum Health & Safety Lead

Mr R Pearce - Teacher of Graphics

Mr A Roberts - Teacher of Resistant Materials

Miss C Simon - Teacher of Textiles / Design Technology


Miss J MacIntyre - Director of English / CPD Lead / Professional Tutor for ITT's and Teach First (maternity cover)

Mrs L Aveston - Deputy Director of English (maternity leave)

Miss B Bullon

Miss J Carville - KS4 English Coordinator (maternity cover)

Miss E Davie

Miss L Jackson - Pupil Premium Co-ordinator for English / Lower KS3 English Co-ordinator

Mrs C McKenzie

Mrs B Mentlak - Professional Tutor for ITT's and Teach First (maternity leave)

Mrs S Parr

Mrs R Roberti - Head of Mandela House

Mr J Thurlbourn - Head of Film & Media

Miss M Wild

Miss S Wynn

Foundation Learning Tier

Mr B Thompson - Head of Foundation Learning Tier / BTEC Quality Nominee

Miss C Le Roy - KS3 Foundation Learning Tier Lead / Duke of Edinburgh Award Manager


Mr J Wale - Head of Humanities

Miss Z Parr - Head of Business Studies

Ms K Stevenson - Head of Religious Education

Miss B Woodfield - Head of Geography

Mr J Blunt - Teacher of Geography / Senior Behaviour Lead (Bullying and Prejudice incidents)

Mrs K Donaldson - Teacher of History / Head of KS3 History

Ms J Dwight-Smith - Teacher of Geography

Mr G Heaney - Teacher of History / PSHE Co-ordinator

Mr Z Huggins - Teacher of History

Miss K Ponder - Teacher of History

Mr S Smith - Teacher of History / Behaviour Support Officer

Mrs F Wade - Teacher of Geography

Ms R Wearing - Teacher of Religious Education

Miss M Wilcox - Teacher of History


Miss J West - Head of ICT

Ms H Zainon


Mrs R Hollingworth - Director of Mathematics / Teacher Development Lead (maternity cover)

Mrs A Platt - Deputy Director of Mathematics

Mr A Barlow

Miss K Cranidge

Mr J Delahunty

Mrs S Devalia

Miss Z Jiang

Mrs A Kendall

Mr M Kowalczyk

Mrs K McDonald - Leader for Enrichment and Cross Phase Collaboration in Maths

Mrs A Meyn - Maths Leader - Years 8, 9 and 10

Mr F Nieuwoudt

Mr C Reay - Progress Mentor

Film and Media 

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs S Warner - Director of MFL

Mrs M Talbott - Deputy Director of MFL

Miss L Clement de Givry

Mrs L Darch - Head of KS3 French (joint)

Mr J Dennehy

Ms C Humphrey

Mrs E Spain - Lead Teacher of Spanish

Mrs J Upward - Head of KS3 French (joint)

Performing Arts

Mr P Hedge - Teacher of Drama / Lead Practitioner / Head of Performing Arts

Mrs G Perry - Teacher of Music / Director of Music, Staploe Education Trust

Miss F Bartley - Teacher of Dance / Senior Behaviour Lead (maternity leave)

Mrs J Bullock - Teacher of Drama / Head of Radcliffe House

Mrs K Faulkner - Teacher of Music

Mr M Kowalczyk - Teacher of Drama / Head of King House

Mr T Moses - Teacher of Music / Head of Turner House

Physical Education

Mr A Clark - Director of Physical Education

Mr R Banister - Lead Teacher of KS4 PE

Mr M Daybell - Senior Behaviour Lead (Exclusion room)

Mr P Dreuitt - Progress Mentor

Mr A Kendall - KS3 Core PE

Miss C Muir


Mrs K Holden - Director of Science

Mrs J Bain - Head of Health and Social Care

Mr J Burton

Mr M Collard - Lead Teacher of Physics

Miss M Downes

Mrs K Hardwick - Head of KS3 Science / LAC Progress Leader

Miss S Jamison

Mr J Knight - Lead Teacher for Behaviour for Learning in Science

Miss C Palmer

Miss L Rockliffe

Mr J Schmidt - Head of Churchill House

Mr E Slingsby

Miss H Stephen

Miss C Vince

Miss L Watkins


Mrs A Bocking - KS4 SENCo

Mrs I Tucker - KS3 SENCo / Access Arrangements Assessor

Admin / Operations

Mrs S Arnold - SIMS Admin / Data Manager

Ms J Whittle - Attendance Officer

Mrs L Starling - Cover, Visits and Lettings Officer

Mrs L Everitt - Exams Officer/Premises Administrator

Mrs S King - PA to Headteacher


Mrs L Allen

Mrs T Cook

Student Services

Mrs A Daniels - Student Services Manager

Mrs H Carroll

Mrs L Harvey

Mrs K Rzeczycki - Exclusion Room Manager

Careers Guidance

Mr N Oakhill - Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance Manager

Mrs J Anderson - Careers Guidance Advisor


Mrs J Armstrong - Site Cleaning Assistant

Ms B Clark

Miss M Collen

Mrs P Donnellan

Miss L French

Mrs M Gillett

Mrs J Guy

Mrs K Hope

Miss V Isaacson

Mr J Lane

Mrs K Mitchell

Mrs S Oliveira

Mr M Reed

Mrs A Spichalska

Miss C Steedman

Mrs M Toynton

Mrs S White

Mrs M Willers

Mrs D Wishart

Exam Invigilators

Mr P Booth

Mrs A Bowers

Mrs S Choudhury

Mrs J Crussell

Miss J Day

Ms J Gordon

Mrs A Gorrie

Mr M Hall

Mrs S Hall

Mrs L Haynes

Mrs C Hill

Mrs D Kingdon

Mr J Lane

Mrs R Latter

Mr S Leeks

Mr T Leonard

Mrs M Mertens

Miss R Morley

Ms K Patten

Mrs J Peberdy

Mrs J Warde

Faculty Assistants / Technicians

Mrs J Bednarek - Faculty Administrator, English and maths

Mrs J Cutter - Senior Science Technician

Dr N Ings - Science Technician

Mrs J Kotowska - Food and Textiles Technician

Mrs C Mann - Art Technician

Mr K Mason - Design Technology Technician

Mrs T Nicoll - Science Technician

Mrs S Potts - Science Technician

Dr J Smeaton - Science Technician

Mrs H Threadgold - MFL & Music Faculty Assistant

Schools Family Worker

The Isle

Mr N Ashton Jones - Inclusion Coordinator

Mrs M Kemp - Manager


Music Peripatetic Staff

Mr N Bonnett - Guitar

Mrs A Dobie-Oxley - Voice

Mrs A Donnelly - Saxophone & Flute

Mrs J Morgan - Piano

Mrs H Mulholland - Violin

Mr O Reynolds - Drums

Ms J Tayler - Woodwind

Mr P Wright - Brass -

Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Allen - Wellbeing Support

Mrs B Amoroso - MFL

Mrs H Atkinson - Access Arrangements for Exams

Mrs C Bowman - Withdrawal Co-ordinator / KS4 (Humanities) Co-ordinator

Mrs R Bryan

Mrs H Clark - Wellbeing Lead (maternity leave)

Mrs M Cooper - Literacy Intervention

Mrs M Cutting

Mrs A Eaton

Mrs C Gilbert

Mrs J Gilbert

Mrs T Harding - FLT / Technology

Mrs N Hughes - Technology

Mrs E Knight - Wellbeing team

Mrs S Kowalska - SEN K / Pupil Premium

Mrs J Lipinska-Trubshaw - KS3 Hub Manager

Mr T Mills

Mrs L Murfitt - TA Coordinator / KS4 Base Manger

Mrs K Reader - Skills Co-ordinator, Disabilities, PE / FLT

Mrs C Rockley - Wellbeing team

Miss A Smith -

Mrs K Watkinson -Dyslexia testing and mentoring

Catering Staff (Chartwells)

T Hall - Interim Manager

B Clark

C Edwards

D Feetham

D Folkes

N French

T Hall

D Harding

A How

J Levitt

W Rodrigues

K Schoenberg