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GCSE Product Design

Why study GCSE Product Design?

Product Design is a lot of fun and students get the chance to be very creative and make high quality products.  It helps students solve problems with their hands and appeals if you don’t like sitting down at a desk all day.  You will learn lots of interesting things about a range of material, products and processes.  Product Design also gives students the chance to develop their teamwork and communication skills working in teams similar to work.  This GCSE sets students up perfectly for a range of professions and gets them thinking about the world and the environment.  It is a great basis for loads of professions you might want to do later (Engineering, Graphic design, Product design, Construction, Carpenter, Builder, Mechanic) - Students also get to use the laser cutter, 3D printer and did we mention, it is a lot of fun!

Product Design is quite simply the most successful GCSE offered at SVC.  Our results are in the Top 1% of all D&T departments in the UK. 98% of students got a level 4-9 (Girls were 100%) and 75% of all students who took the subject got a level 6-9 this summer 2019. On top of this, not a single student who has ever taken Product Design for the two years has ever regretted it.

Where can it take you?

Student who pursue product design can go onto study D&T Product Design A-Level at Long Road or Bishop Laney or Graphic Design Diploma at Long Road. This can then lead onto all kinds of job: product designer, engineer, fashion designer, graphic designer, packaging designer, games designer, web designer, automotive designer, website designer, architect, carpenter, builder, construction manager, manufacturing engineer, manufacturing manager, market researcher, animator, film set designer, teacher…and many more!

Exam Board 

Eduqas Design & Technology (Product Design) 

Electronics, Graphics and Resistant Materials no longer exists and is now all called D&T Product Design 

The course is broken down into 2 components: 

Component 1 (Exam): 2 Hour exam paper 50% 100 Marks 

Component 2 (Coursework): Approximately 35 hours of Design and Make task 50% 100 Marks 

YR 10 YR 11

Product Design GCSE

By the end of YR 10 you will be able to:

  • Explain the properties of plastics, smart materials and textiles

  • Explain the in-depth properties of timbers

  • Explain the benefits and drawbacks of CAD/CAM

  • Explain all factors linking to sustainability

  • Explain the different scales of manufacture

  • Sketch and communicate ideas better

  • Analyse a company or designer in depth

  • Undertake effective research for your coursework

You will be assessed on:

  • Your understanding of the content (A series of knowledge checks)

  • Mock exam

  • Independent Company / Designer research (Series of home works)

  • A focussed practical task (Storage Robot)

  • Ability to write detailed specifications, Communicate design ideas, and evaluate a product (Lamp Project)

  • The manufacture of a high quality product (Lamp)

Product Design GCSE

By the end of the YR 11 you will be able to:

  • Explain the properties of metals and papers and board

  • Explain what a system is and use the equation needed

  • Explain the different mechanical devices and use the equations needed

  • Explain what ergonomics is and how to use anthropometric data

  • Write a comprehensive specification for your project

  • Consider a range of design strategies to communicate your design development

  • Manufacture a fully functioning, high quality product

  • Undertake critical testing and evaluation of your product

You will be assessed on:

  • Final Exam (50% of the course)

  • Coursework (50% of the course)