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GCSE and Exam Information

GCSEs and qualifications for the class of 2021

GCSE 2021 summer examinations have been cancelled. In their place, schools are required to provide a 'Centre Assessed Grade' that is based on a portfolio of evidence including mock examinations, other assessments and coursework. These will be supplemented by a number short assessments taken by students when they are back in school to ensure there is good evidence to base students final grades on. It is important that students get the grades that they deserve and that these grades can be subjected to close scrutiny by the exam boards and be upheld. Other qualifications such as BTECs and other technical courses will be subjected to similar rigours that accommodate the different style of the course.

The latest information about qualifications from JCQ for students and parents (click here)


Student Exam Support

The following guides provide information for students; which give a clearer indication of what to expect when taking examinations and how parents and carers can support their children through what can be an emotional time.

Internal Exams Leaflet 2021 to 2022 

Exam Survival Guide 

Mind Booklet – How to Manage Stress 

Special Arrangements Students – Notes


JCQ Official Documentation


JCQ Information for Candidates - Non examination Assessments 2021-22

JCQ Information for Candidates - On-Screen Tests 2021-22

JCQ Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice 2021-22

JCQ Information for Candidates - Social Media 2021-22

JCQ Information for Candidates – Written Exams 2021-22

JCQ Unauthorised Items Poster 2021-22

JCQ Warning to Candidates Poster 2021-22


Complaints and Appeals

Internal Appeals Procedure

Complaints & Appeals Procedure (Exams)

Enquiries About Results / Access to Scripts / Appeals