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Physical Education

Why Study Physical Education?

Throughout the PE curriculum we are trying to develop a life-long love of sport and involvement with physical activity. Students participate in a varied curriculum across a range of sports to help inspire and motivate them towards regular involvement with physical activity. We offer two hours of core PE lesson each week for our KS3 students and 1 hour of core PE for our KS4 students. There are also many extra-curricular clubs available to further promote involvement in physical activity outside of school.

Physical Education is more than being good at sport. Students should not only be physically literate, but should possess communication, leadership and social skills. We aim to develop skills and attitudes that will support them in achieving a lifelong participation in sport or physical activity.

Students need to know and have the confidence to become the best that they could possibly be. Whether that is as competitors representing the school, the county or beyond, or as confident, healthy young people who enjoy regularly participating in physical activity beyond the school day, we want them to experience the wider benefits on social and mental wellbeing, as well as using it as a vehicle to develop life skills to support them in their next stage of learning or employment.

If you would like any further information about the curriculum please contact the Head of Department.

Further information about our PE curriculum can be found in the links to the right, by year group.