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Application to Hire School Premises

This form must be completed by the person responsible for the intended function/activity and forwarded to the identified location within 1.1 of the Trust Lettings Policy at least 30 working days prior to the commencement of the booking.

Name of Applicant
Society or Organisation
Nature of Hire
Start Time (Inclusive of set up time)
Finish Time (Inclusive of clearing time)
Location Required (hall, gym, etc)
Additional Requirements (Tables, chairs, layout, etc)
Maximum Number of Participants
Age Range of Participants (under of over 18s)
No file chosen

Insurance Provision

It is a requirement of all lettings across the Trust, that appropriate insurance is held by the hirer.

Commercial Hirers:
Will be required to produce evidence of their current legal liability insurance before the booking can be accepted.

Non-Commercial Hirers:
Will be required to purchase public liability insurance through the individual school.
This will be charged at either 12.5% of the total letting charge or £1.30, whichever is the greater plus 12% Insurance Premium Tax as set by the Government.
Payment must be received prior to the booking taking place.
The hirer will be held responsible for damage to premises or equipment and will be charged for repairs or replacement as required.

Please tick as appropriate*
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Hire Charges

Once a booking has been accepted; an invoice will be raised for the full amount inclusive of room and equipment and forwarded to the hirer.
All invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date.

Data Protection

Any personal data entered on this form will be held by the school in accordance with Staploe Education Trust's Data Protection Policy.

Hirers' Responsibilities

The Hirer shall:

(a) Vacate the premises by the time stated on the Application Form, otherwise additional charges may be incurred by the hirer.

(b) Obtain the necessary licence if alcohol is to be sold.

(c) Be responsible for obtaining the licence of the owner of the copyright of any dramatic or musical work intended to be performed or sung and must indemnify the school against any infringement of copyright.

(d) Make sure all doors and windows remain closed during events involving amplified music, except on exit and entry.

(e) Appoint a person to carry out regular (at least every hour) monitoring of noise levels and keep appropriate monitoring records. They should do this by monitoring noise levels outside the premises and take appropriate measures to reduce and control noise emissions if considered likely to disturb neighbouring properties.

(f) Ensure that any equipment brought onto the premises and used is safe and meets the standards of any statutory requirements regarding its serviceability, control and use. Any electrical equipment brought onto site must have a certificate of safety, which must be shown to the Duty Site Team.

(g) Fireproofing of all scenery and props etc. to be used in any performances, in accordance with instructions issued by the County Fire Officer.

(h) Smoking is not permitted in any of the school buildings or grounds; which must be observed.

(i) Observe the school’s Health & Safety Policy and ensure risk assessments are in place.

(j) Only use rooms as agreed in the letting agreement. Access to kitchen areas is restricted to those over the age of 18 years.

(k) Comply with all applicable notices and signs.

(l) Immediately evacuate the premises by the nearest Fire Exit on the sounding of the Fire Alarm. (The Fire Alarm is a continuous ringing of the bell). Details of fire evacuation procedure will be provided by the school.

(m) Make suitable arrangements for first aid.

(n) Inform the Duty Site Team member immediately of any accidents/incidents.

(o) Notify the school of any hazards identified during the letting.

(p) Leave the premises and equipment as found. 
Furniture must not be moved without prior permission;
School equipment must not be used or moved without prior permission; 
All litter must be placed in or close to the dustbin where waste items are too large for the dustbin.
The hirer is responsible for ensuring that access is not gained to areas of the school that have not been permitted as part of the hire agreement.

(q) If any additional expense is incurred, arising from the letting, or any extra cleaning becomes necessary as a consequence of the use of the premises, the person/organisation hiring the college will be responsible for any such expense and charged accordingly.

(r) Persons hiring premises or grounds will be held responsible for any damage to buildings, furniture, equipment or other property and a claim for the reinstatement, replacement or repair of such will be made whether as a result of the negligence of the Hirer or his/her invitees, employees or agents during the period of hire. The Hirer shall be deemed to have undertaken to pay the cost of such reparation by signing this hire agreement.

Please note that no nail or fastening of any kind shall be driven or put into any wall, partition, pillar or other fittings or furniture.

(s) In respect of Item 2.5(m), the Hirer will be expected to insure this risk and hold legal liability insurance to cover claims directly arising from their group or organisation’s activities.

(t) The Hirer is responsible for the supervision of all persons attending the premises for the purpose of the hiring whilst they are on the premises or on any part of the school site, and for preserving good order.

(u) Any precautions required to ensure the users safety when using equipment are the responsibility of the Hirer. This includes, for example, the provision of information and training in the use of the equipment.

(v) The Trust cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage, accident or injury arising during the Hirer’s use of the premises, or to any member of the Hirer’s party and the hirer shall indemnify the Trust Board against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings.

(w) Car parks are situated at as follows:

Soham Village College: Both the Sand Street and College Close entrances of the College. The Shade Primary School: Has a car park at the main entrance. Weatheralls Primary School: Has a car park at the main entrance Kennett Primary School: No car park available

If your function involves many cars you are advised to contact the Police for advice.

All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk.

The Trust takes no responsibility for theft or damage to vehicles while parked on the premises.


By submitting this form I certify that I am not less than 18 years of age. I have read and agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of Hire detailed within Staploe Education Trusts Lettings Policy and Application Form, for the time being in force, and I accept responsibility for the observance of the conditions and agree to pay on demand the letting charge hereby incurred.

I hereby indemnify the Trust Board of Staploe Education Trust against all claims in respect of injury, loss or damage (including damage to the premises and equipment) arising from this letting.

(In requiring this undertaking the Trust Board does not seek to absolve itself or any employees from liability as owners/occupiers of the premises.)”