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Key Stage 3

 Year 7 

Year 8 

 Year 9 

Basic introduction to: 

  • Food hygiene and safety 
  • Food practical skills 
  • Food science 
  • Nutrition
  • Factors that affect food choice

Practise Non Exam Assessment 1: Food Science 

  • An introduction to food investigation looking at the functional and chemical properties of food. 
  • How to write up a food investigation

Developing complex practical skills 

Food hygiene and safety 

Practise Non Exam Assessment 2: Food Preparation 

  • An introduction to the food preparation assessment, assessing students’ skills and understanding in nutrition, planning, cooking and presenting food products (includes food safety, nutrition and food choice) 
  • How to evaluate practical skills and suitability of products.

Developing understanding of functional and chemical properties of food