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Why Study English?

By the end of their time at Soham Village College, we would like our students to have an appreciation of the English language in all its forms. This means students will have the knowledge and skills in order to decode, analyse, evaluate and manipulate the written form. In addition, we hope that our students will have been exposed to a wealth of literature from history and across the globe so that they are equipped with a sensitive understanding of the experiences of others. It is our ambition that our students will have the confidence to articulate their opinions, whilst considering the views of others.

If you would like any further information about the curriculum please contact the Head of Department.

Further information about our English curriculum can be found in the links to the right.

Further Resources

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If you have problems opening Pixl, install the following onto your computer at home Pixl Apps (compatible with Windows and Mac OS)
You can also download it onto your mobile device by using the Google Play Store