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Art & Design

Why Study Art & Design?

We want all students to have a love of art. Our curriculum is designed so that students learn to: create a body of research, develop ideas, experiment and explore techniques independently. These skills are then used to inspire their own creative process and outcomes, just as a practising artist would. In art and design, there is no written exam and therefore, it is important that student develop other skills such as motivation to work independently developing their own ideas over a significant period of time, the ability to source and research their own inspiration for ideas and then work at improving their skills. We want students to be able to select, learn and develop skills and techniques of their choice to enable them to express themselves and reach out to a viewer. In order to do this, they must develop deep thoughtful contexts behind their work but also develop a skilled ability to observe and record their world around them artistically. They must also develop an enquiring mind which enables them to experiment prolifically in order to determine the best material and process for creating their artwork in the most skilful way they can in order to produce thoughtful, well researched, skilful and original artefacts.  This process is formalised in the GCSE course for those students who take it forward.

If you would like any further information about the curriculum please contact the Head of Department.

Further information about our Art & Design curriculum can be found in the links to the right, by year group.