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Year 8



In Year 8 students study four ten-week units over the course of the year. Students continue to develop the five key strands of the Music Curriculum in every topic they study; performing, singing, composing, improvising and critical engagement (focusing on listening skills and what it means to be an audience).



Assessment in music takes a holistic approach, looking at how each student has developed as a musician over the year. The assessments are ongoing and evidence is gathered throughout each topic in a variety of ways. These include audio/video recordings, written tests, notated compositions, written/spoken evaluations and musical performances. Marks are recorded on Go4Schools each half term.  



Introduction to the world of Musical Theatre, including:

  • Performance skills specific to this genre
  • Exploring singing styles
  • Composing a waltz for a musical

Class performances throughout the term.

Waltz composition.

Listening Test.

Recycled Music

Students explore way of re-inventing old music to make something new. Is music every really new? Students use Garageband and Cubase to arrange a piece of music.

End of unit performance and development over the term.

Group arrangement of a song.

Listening Test.


Reggae Music

Students develop their understanding of Reggae Music and other styles of music from the Caribbean including Calypso.

End of unit performance and singing development over the term.

Reggae Song Composition

Listening Test.


British Folk Music

A journey through time, focusing on the development of traditional British folk music from traditional to modern day.  


End of unit performance and singing development over the term.

Folk Composition

Listening Test.