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Post GCSE Information

GCSE Results Day 2020

If you have a genuine concern about your final grade, please contact Mr Slingsby (Assistant Head responsible for exams) on ESlingsby@soham-college and he will get back to you to discuss any queries you have. Prior to making contact with the school, please read the information below.

GCSE results day this year has been like no other year.  The recent decision by the Government regarding your exam grades means that you will now receive either: 

  • Centre Assessed Grade (CAG), this is the grade put forward by the school


  • The moderated grade, this is the one generated by Ofqual (Government exams department) using their algorithm.

           You will receive the higher of these two grades. 


BTEC and other vocational technical qualifications 

The BTEC results were issued to schools on 28 August 2020, and students will be notified as soon as these have been processed.


What to do next?

Congratulations to all students for their results, this has been a very stressful time and I hope you have gained the grades you need to proceed to your chosen destination next year.

If you have received a Grade 3 or below in Maths and English, your new 6th forms will organise resits in November as normal. It is natural that some students will feel they would have got a better grade had they taken the exams. The only way to demonstrate this is to take the autumn exams. We would encourage you to think carefully before deciding to do this. If you have the grades you need to progress, there is little to gain from retaking exams to improve your grade. The next set of qualifications you do will supersede your GCSEs and make them less relevant.  The exams are scheduled for November. Results from this will be issued on 11 February 2021.  It is important that you complete the attached form and e-mail it to Mrs Everitt (Exams Officer) on by Friday 11 September.  Requests received after this deadline may not be accepted.


Understanding how your grade was awarded

The Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) put forward by the school were arrived at after careful deliberation by your subject teachers. They took into account a wide range of information including assessment, homework, classwork and everything we know about your progress in school. They were then carefully checked and presented to the School Advisory Body who approved the methodology used. The grades submitted had to be evidenced based and may differ from predictions which are often best case scenario. You have been awarded the grade which the school put forward or, if it was higher, the calculated algorithm grade. This is the best outcome for students as it ensures you get the best grade you could have received in the circumstances. You can find out more details about how your grade was awarded here. You can read the updated appeals guidance from Ofqual here.  


Coursework/Controlled Assessment Collection from Summer 2020 

Written and practical coursework is not routinely returned to students.  If students require their coursework then they should contact the school reception at the beginning of October 2020 and state exactly what coursework is required and make suitable arrangements to collect it.  Please note that all coursework which remains uncollected by the end of the autumn term will be disposed of.


GCSE Certificates from Summer 2020

GCSE Certificates will be available for collection from Monday 23 November 2020.  Class of 2020 may collect their certificates from the main reception in Lodeside between 8.00am and 4.00pm, term time only.  If you would like someone to collect certificates on your behalf then you must provide them with a letter of authorisation.

These certificates are valuable documents and are often required by Universities and future employers, please look after them.  Exams boards do not produce replacement certificates, only a certifying statement of results for which they charge approximately £50, plus other costs.

Exam certificates are kept in the school for one year and can then be disposed of – please do make every effort to collect yours.