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Exam Board 

AQA spec 8585 

The course is single tier which is broken down into 3 units: 

Paper 1 (Exam): 1 hour 45 minute exam paper 50% 

Task 1 (Non Exam Assessment): Food Investigation task – 15% 

Task 2 (Non Exam Assessment): Food Preparation task – 35% 


 Year 10 

 Year 11 

Food Exam Theory: 

Food Preparation and Nutrition theory taught through a range of practical sessions, theory lessons and practise food investigations. To fully prepare for assessments in Year 11. 

Progress monitored using a range of assessments, including: 

  • mini-tests 
  • practice exam questions 
  • extended written tasks 
  • practical assessments 
  • mock Non Exam Assessments 


Mock Exam:                    March 1 hour 45 minutes 



10 hours (15% of final grade) 

Investigate the working characteristics, functional and chemical properties of ingredients through a practical investigation 

Section A:                     Research (6 marks) 

Section B:               Investigation (15 marks) 

Section C:                          Analysis & Evaluation            (9 marks) 


20 hours (35% of final grade) 

Plan, prepare and cook three dishes to meet the needs of a specific context. Nutritional knowledge will be a requirement for all tasks 


Section A:                Researching the task              (6 marks) 

Section B:            Demonstrating technical skills (18 marks) 

Section C:                       Planning the final menu         (8 marks) 

Section D:                          Making the final dishes       (30 marks) 

Section E:                       Analyse and evaluate

EXAM REVISION               (50% of final grade) 

Theoretical knowledge of the following modules: 
Food, nutrition and health       
Food science                     Food safety                        Food choice                        Food provenance 


Multiple choice questions:   20 marks 

Five questions, with sub questions: 80 marks 

TOTAL= 100 marks