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GCSE Collection

GCSE Results Day 2020

GCSE results will be available on THURSDAY 20 AUGUST.  Results will be available via Go4Schools from 12.00pm, but for those students who would still like to attend in person, results may be collected between 10.00am and midday.  Students should arrrive in Beechurst Playground.  They will then be directed through Beechurst Gym via the fire doors and then out through the main door and right towards Beechurst lawn.  We respectfully ask that any parents/carers or friends attending with a student do not enter Beechurst Gym waiting instead on Beechurst lawn.  Appropriate social distancing measures will be in place and we ask that everyone respects the arrangements for the safety of all.

Results which have not been collected by midday will be posted out first class by the end of Thursday 20 August.

If you have a genuine concern about your final grade, please contact Mr Slingsby (Assistant Head responsible for exams) or Mrs Everitt (Exams Officer). They will be available in school until midday. After this time you may e-mail Mr Slingsby on eslingsby@soham-college and he will get back to you to discuss any queries you have. Prior to making contact with the school, please watch the video produced by Ofqual (the government department responsible for exam standards) and read the information infographic so you can understand the process that has been used to produce your final grade.

Ofqual information video about how GCSE grades have been awarded.  Please click here to access it.  

Ofqual infographic explaining how GCSE grades have been awarded.  Please click here to access it. 

Ofqual have produced a ‘Student Guide to Post-16 qualifications results summer 2020’

The guide gives useful advice for all those receiving qualifications this summer along with details of helplines available for those who require further information.

For those of you who receive a Grade 3 or below in Maths and English, your new 6th forms will organise resits in November as normal.  We believe that the best thing for student well-being is to understand the process by which results have been calculated and, unless there is evidence of a clear error, accept them and progress onto their next step. We would caution against appealing or resitting as we are concerned that autumn exams may be very difficult emotionally for students who have not been in the classroom since March. Preparation to sit GCSE exams takes months of focused revision and support by teaching staff. However, for those of you who believe that the grade you received was lower than you would have expected had you taken your exams or if you need an improved grade to progress onto the next stage of your education, then the Exam Boards are organising a November session.  Results from this will not be issued until possibly early February 2021.  It is important that you complete the attached form and e-mail it to Mrs Everitt (Exams Officer) on by Friday 11 September.  Requests received after this deadline may not be accepted.  Please note exam fees may be payable.


 Coursework/Controlled Assessment Collection from Summer 2020 

Written and practical coursework is not routinely returned to students.  If students require their coursework then they should contact the school reception at the beginning of October 2020 and state exactly what coursework is required and make suitable arrangements to collect it.  Please note that all coursework which remains uncollected by the end of the autumn term will be disposed of.


GCSE Certificates from Summer 2020

GCSE Certificates will be available for collection from Monday 23 November 2020.  Class of 2020 may collect their certificates from the main reception in Lodeside between 8.00am and 4.00pm, term time only.  If you would like someone to collect certificates on your behalf then you must provide them with a letter of authorisation.

These certificates are valuable documents and are often required by Universities and future employers, please look after them.  Exams boards do not produce replacement certificates, only a certifying statement of results for which they charge approximately £50, plus other costs.

Exam certificates are kept in the school for one year and can then be disposed of – please do make every effort to collect yours.