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Year 8


 Students follow the Expo 2 course book.

 Grammar  work is integrated into the study of each topic area

These take place at the end of each unit. Marks are recorded on Go4Schools


Sports, instruments and activities

Talk about what sports and instruments you play, what activities you do

Home and family

Family, activities & weather, a typical day

Includes present tense, and extended language through connectives

Reading & Writing

Free time activities

Free time activities in the past

Perfect tense & opinions in the past


Listening & Speaking



Countries  & languages, holiday centre, past holidays and disasters

Using question words

Consolidation of past tense

Reading, listening, speaking



Making and reacting to invitations, giving excuses

Clothes, shops & shopping

Adjectives & agreement, comparatives & superlatives, decoding longer texts



 Food and drink

Food, French meals, shopping for food, eating out

Likes & dislikes, quantities, il faut + infinitives