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Year 8



Throughout Y8 students will also have one lesson per fortnight where they will explore links between these units and the study of media. This will help them to learn how to deconstruct texts in preparation for  GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.


These usually take place towards the end of each half term. Marks for each assessment focus are recorded on G4S.  All assessments are closed book.


 People and Places 1

Read and produce a variety of fiction and non-fiction travel writing.

Writing – class assessment

Write a travel article about a place of your choice.

 People and Places 2

Study a range of poetry from different cultures and traditions. Consider how poets present their feelings.

Literature – hall exam

Analyse how a poet presents their feelings about their culture.


 Influencing Others 1

Analyse a range of persuasive speeches, whilst appreciating the power of the spoken word. Apply this knowledge and understanding to the creation of your own persuasive speeches.

Writing – class assessment

Write (and perform) a persuasive speech about a challenging topic.

 Influencing Others 2

Study the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and explore how Shakespeare’s characters are shown to influence each other through language choices and dramatic techniques. Learn how social and historical contexts affect different audiences.

Literature – class assessment

Analyse how Romeo persuades Juliet in Act 1 Scene 5. Make links to other examples in the play.


 The Victorian Child

Explore life as a Victorian child and develop a thorough understanding of this era’s historical and social contexts. Read a Victorian novel, focusing on the lives and treatment  of children. You will also read a range of fiction and non-fiction extracts from Victorian literature and society, bringing to life this period of history.

Writing – class assessment

Write a diary entry from the perspective of a Victorian child.