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Year 7


The first term in Y7 is designed to help students apply their existing Literacy skills (from primary school) to the more challenging expectations of secondary English.


These usually take place towards the end of each half term. Marks for each assessment focus are recorded on G4S. All assessments are closed book.


Growing Up 1

Develop your writing skills and learn to apply these to autobiography and biography. Reflect on your own childhood and the childhood of others and use this to inform your writing.


Write a section of your own autobiography.


Growing Up 2

Read a contemporary novel and learn to analyse how a writer creates character. Begin to consider how writers use language and structure to create meaning.


Analyse how character is presented in an extract from the contemporary novel you have studied.


 Stories From Around the World 1

Learn to appreciate stories from different countries and cultures. Analyse how authors present their culture in their writing.


Analyse a short story in order to explain how the author presents his culture.


 Stories From Around the World 2

Research another country and its culture. Explore a range of artefacts from around the world. Develop your narrative writing skills to entertain your reader and create a sense of place.


Write a short story about another country and culture in third person.


Exploration of Genre

Explore the conventions of fantasy, science-fiction, adventure and detective fiction through a wide range of story extracts spanning three centuries. Focus on how writers use language, form and structure to create mood and atmosphere. Begin to consider how context and genre influence what you are reading.


Analyse an extract from one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ stories.


Introduction to Poetry

Students explore a range of poetic forms and techniques.