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Year 9





Initial lessons experimenting with openings and staging.  Extending with dialogue and voice.  Includes the opening of “Port” which provides a baseline assessment.

Baseline assessment.

Plays in practice – Opening and Closing.

This unit uses openings and endings of a selection of plays to explore the ways in which theatre makers make decisions for the audiences so as to make them watch and think.  Using a range of explorative strategies, students are encouraged to use the plot, structure and characters to develop their own devised responses.

Filmed assessment









Issue based drama – “Anti-Social?” 

A unit of work looking at the theme of anti-social behaviour using Theatre practitioners including Brecht, Stanislavski and Artaud.  Students create a devised performance which examines issues relating to contemporary society.

Written monologue

Script exploration – Curious Incident of the dog in the night time.  A unit that allows students to consolidate KS3 learning whilst exploring  the use of proxemics, characterisation and stage design

Set design, Monologue assessment


Digging deeper - Devising 

This unit allows students to experience a GCSE practical workshop and offers a thorough introduction to the course as well as allowing students to showcase their work using lights, sound and staging.  This will allow students an extended  amount of time to work together to produce a polished final assessment using skills developed during the course.  It also serves as a firm grounding into the requirements of component one of the GCSE Drama course.

Group work assessment