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Year 7





 Shape, Tone and Form – 2D
Learn to draw two and three dimensional shapes and how to add tone in pencil and paint. Design a three dimensional sweet inspired by research of Artist Sarah Graham and create a final piece painting of the design.

3D drawings, Artist research  and Final piece

 Shape, tone and Form – 3D
Research the artist Claes Oldenburg, learn clay building, moulding and  painting techniques to create your sweet design in clay.

Designs, Artist research and final piece


 Colour Theory
Introduction to primary, secondary and tertiary colours, colour mixing techniques, warm and cool colours, complimentary and analogous colours and tints, tones and shades. Create a final piece painting inspired by research of Maria Ryan.

Artist research, animal drawing and final piece

Research aboriginal art to inspire your own repeat pattern design. Learn about types of pattern and develop press printing skills.

Artist research, journey to school drawing, how to press print leaflet and final piece


Learn about the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh, use mark making techniques to create a textured drawing and painting of your own shoes to represent you.

Shoe drawing, Artist research and final piece