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Year 9

  Units Assessments


Mi vida – my life
Consolidate and extend personal descriptions from Year 8.
Learn how to interview someone
Speaking – peer assessed
Mis vacaciones – my holidays
Learn to describe where you usually go on holiday and what you do and also how to describe a past holiday
Reading, writing and translation
Spring  Diviértete! – having fun
Learn to talk about your opinions of different types of film and TV programmes.
Learn how to invite someone to go out, how to agree and how to make excuses
Listening and speaking
La comida – food
Learn how to talk about what you like to eat and drink.
Learn how to order food in a restaurant
Speaking, reading and writing
Summer  De moda – fashion
Learn how to describe what you like and dislike wearing.Learn about shopping
Listening, writing and translation
La salud – health
Learn how to ask for medical help and how to talk about healthy and unhealthy lifestyles.