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Year 7

Students follow the Expo 1 course book. Grammar work is integrated into the study of each topic area
These take place at the end of each unit. Marks are recorded on Go4Schools


C’est Parti!
Give greetings & personal details, describe colours of school objects
Listening, speaking & writing
Famille et Copains
Describe your family and pets, create physical descriptions of yourself & others.
Reading & writing
Spring  Chez Moi
Describe where you live (area / house / bedroom)Use time phrases to describe your evening routine.  Apply the perfect tense to describe what you did last night

Listening & speaking

Ma Journée
Describe your morning routine and school day
Justify opinions of school subjects.
Reading & writing
Summer  On va en ville
Ask for and give information about places in town
Give opinions of places you go to in town
Order drinks and snacks in a café.