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Year 8

YEAR 8 TEXTILES: ‘Misfit’ Project

Equipment (worksheet) –design features, function and safe use of …..

Fabrics and Components (worksheet) - name, source (natural / man-made, description, function, advantages, disadvantages.

Modelling – reasons for …

Design idea for ‘Misfit’. Annotation of design features.

Peer assessment and student response to feedback.

Practical: use of basic Textiles equipment including sewing machine and iron.

Construction techniques: seams, reduction of fullness, straight lines, corners and reversing on sewing machine, oversewing.

Decorative techniques: machine embroidery, use of Bondaweb to fuse fabrics together, machine sewn applique, sewing on a button, making a pompom, decorative use of ribbon and recycling / upcycling textile fabrics and components to make additional features and /or accessories for ‘Misfit’.

Evaluation of Misfit : Quality Control (Self assessment).   

Extension Activity: CAD for front and back of ‘Misfit’.