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Year 8




In Key Stage 3 students will have three lessons a fortnight, where they will follow a curriculum, which will enhance their literacy, presentation skills, confidence and awareness of the world around them.  During Years 8 and 9 students will be completing a BTEC Entry 3 Certificate in Learning for Life.  This is a nationally recognised qualification, which will enhance their independent, creative, reflective and team learning. 


Continuous assessment throughout the 2 years.  Students will compile a portfolio of evidence, which will be marked internally, moderated internally and externally standardised at the end of the 2 years.   



All About Me 

Self-assessment, presentation skills and improving self-confidence 

Opportunity for independent and reflective learning 


Formal presentation of ‘All About Me’ PowerPoints with teacher and peer feedback 

Introduction to descriptive writing 

Formal and informal writing styles, focusing on the 5 senses and seasonal cultural activities.  Opportunity for creative learning 


Final piece of work, written as a descriptive fiction/non-fiction piece.  Formal teacher feedback 

Card making 

Students to create seasonally appropriate greetings cards, using their design skills and business skills.  Opportunity for creative learning 


Peer and formal teacher feedback 



Product invention 

Students invent and market a product.  Opportunity to use creative and team learning skills 


Students presentation will receive peer and teacher feedback 

Tourist Leaflet 

Production of a leaflet designed for a UK tourist destination, aimed at a specific group of tourists.  Opportunity for independent learning 


Final leaflet will be formally assessed 

Gaming discussion 

A research project on the effects of gaming.  The unit involves and introduction on how to research and get your point across in a constructive way.  Opportunity for independent and reflective learning 


Group discussion marked formally and detailed observation 


The Impact of Charities 

Learning about different charities and planning an event to raise money for a chosen charity.  Opportunity for independent, reflective and team learning 


Formal presentation marked by teacher and potential charitable event