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Year 7


In Key Stage 3, students study one unit each half term. Units are taught within a context related to everyday life.
These take place towards the end of each half term. Marks are recorded on Go4Schools 


Maths in Games (Probability)
Students explore chance and probability through experimentation and analysis. They give and justify probabilities in a range of events.  Students compare theoretical and experimental probability methods and solve problems involving multiple events
Maths in Games
Classroom based assessment (1 hour)


Maths in Nature (Number)
Students review basic calculations and explore patterns in number and number sequences arising from spatial arrangements. They consider examples of negative numbers in context and use the order of operations including brackets.
Maths in Nature
Formal Assessment in exam halls (1 hour)


Maths in Magic (Algebra)
Students develop the idea of a number (function) machine to express general rules in symbolic form. Students work with formulae substituting into them and simplifying. Students consolidate the use of coordinates and plot graphs of linear relationships.
Maths in Magic
Classroom based assessment (1 hour)


Maths in Architecture (Geometry and Measure)
Students explore angle relationships and solve problems in geometry. They distinguish between area and perimeter and derive formulae for calculating areas of plane shapes. 
Maths in Architecture
Formal Assessment in exam halls (1 hour)


Maths in Geography (Proportional Reasoning)
Students explore different ways of expressing quantities less than 1. They calculate with fractions, decimals and percentages and investigate equivalent forms, comparing quantities and solving problems in everyday contexts.
Maths in Geography
Classroom based assessment (1 hour)


Maths in Business (Measure)
Students extend their understanding of estimation and approximation. Measurement is, by definition, an approximation and students learn how and when to round numbers. They convert between different units and use estimates to check and justify calculations.
End of Year Examination
Formal Assessment in exam halls (1 hour)