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Year 7





'Socialisation’ - What is Drama?                                  In this unit students begin to develop their understanding  of drama and are introduced to drama techniques.  Particular focus is placed in the first four weeks of the year on introducing effective ways to work with one another and begin to build confidence in the subject.

Baseline of existing skills through short performance based upon the extract “It was terrifying”.

'Seriously Funny’ – What ingredients make a comedy pie?                                                                  An examination of the genre of “Comedy” looking at different ways to engage an audience.  Genres such as Slapstick, Sketch show ingredients and clowning are used to  allow students to develop their dramatic understanding.

Through rehearsal and performance using the Master and Servant script.


‘Devising’ – Creating characters and stories.  Based upon the story of “Wacky Soap”, students learn how to create characters improvisation based on simple starting points.  A variety of techniques, including contact improvisation, role play and spontaneity, are used to enable students to create and evaluate a piece drama. 

Through self-assessment and peer observation.


Image Drama – Bringing images to life.    Students respond to a range of thought provoking images to explore the possibilities of an image in helping us to tell stories, create characters and use simple drama techniques for an audience.  A focus of the unit will be the use of Physical theatre

Evaluation of collaborative process.

From page to stage – Introducing scripts.   Students will be introduced to extracts from a range of scripts.  They will build an understanding of the ways in which actors, directors and designers create meaning for an audience.

Performance of scripts – End of year written  assessment using extracts from ‘Blood Brothers’.