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Exam Board 

Eduqas Design & Technology (Product Design) 

Electronics, Graphics and Resistant Materials no longer exists and is now all called D&T Product Design 

The course is broken down into 2 components: 

Component 1 (Exam): 2 Hour exam paper 50% 100 Marks 

Component 2 (Coursework): Approximately 35 hours of Design and Make task 50% 100 Marks 

Year 10 

Year 11 

D&T Exam Theory: 

Students’ progress is monitored using a range of assessments, including: 

  • Mini-tests 
  • Practice exam questions 
  • Extended written tasks 
  • Practical assessments 
  • Mock Non Exam Assessments 

Mock Exam November 1 hour 45 minutes 

D&T Coursework Practice: 

Students design and manufacture an LED light following the style of a chosen designer or company. 


Coursework (NEA): 

Students will complete their NEA: 

(a) Identifying and investigating design possibilities. (10 Marks) 

(b) Developing a design brief and specification. (10 Marks)

(c) Generating and developing design ideas. (30 Marks) 

(d) Manufacturing a prototype.               (30 Marks)

(e) Analysing and evaluating design decisions and prototypes. (20 Marks)

Students will spend 6 weeks re-capping and revising for the final exam.