Topic outline

  • Chemistry

    (Science Faculty)



  • GCSE Chemistry (OCR Gateway Science Triple Award)

    Part of three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry & Physics

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    Exam Board Qualification Specification Coursework
    OCR Exam Board - GCSE Science 
Triple Award GCSE Chemistry J644 (Chemistry). 33 1/3%

    If you are currently in a Set 1 or 2 for Science and especially if you want to study science at Advanced Level, we encourage you to follow the Triple Award course.  This gives a deeper insight into Science.  The three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics provide the best preparation for future courses such as A Level.  The separate science courses follow the same content as the Core and Additional Science but have two extra units of work in Chemistry, Physics and Biology to broaden your studies.  Each subject is assessed separately and the three GCSE grades obtained could all be different.  This option takes up more time because you must choose Science in Option A.  There is a high mathematical content to this course and we plan to run up to two HIGHER LEVEL groups.