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    Go 4 Schools
    The College has adopted a new online system for assessing students, monitoring their performance and sharing their progress information. This system, called Go 4 Schools, will enable parents/carers and students to access daily attendance information, review the latest published subject assessments and to receive formal written reports. 

    Quick-Start Guide
    How to Log on
    Progress & Targets
    Subject Assessments
    KS3 Levels
    Other Useful Information

  • Quick-Start Guide

    Go 4 Schools is our new online system for tracking students’ progress and sharing their assessment information. In Go 4 Schools you can see the grades/levels achieved in subject assessments and view how students are performing compared to their targets. The system also displays other useful information, such as attendance figures and the timetable. We will publish students’ formal reports through Go 4 Schools.

  • How to log in

    Click on and select either the 'Parent' or 'Student' login icon at the top right hand side of the website as appropriate. When logging in for the first time you should enter your e-mail address in the box under “First Time User” and generate a password.

    Go 4 Schools - Login

    Note: Go 4 Schools is a secure system and to access it you must use the e-mail address we have recorded on our system. If you haven’t registered your e-mail address with us you won’t be able to log on and access your child’s page until this is rectified. To register a new address, or if you experience problems logging in, please contact Mrs Arnold,

    Once a password has been generated you can log in. Please note that the generation of your password may take several minutes. Your password can be changed to something more memorable by clicking on the “my settings” tab in the green bar at the top.

  • Progress & Targets

    Go 4 Schools tracks the current performance of a student and compares it to their target grade/level. For students in Years 7-9 the target is an end of year target. For students in Years 10 and 11 the target represents an end of key stage (end of year 11) target. This target is an estimate of likely performance and is not a prediction or forecast. It represents the standard we might expect a “similar” student with the same KS2 (Year 6) scores to reach in the best 25% of schools. We encourage all students to try to exceed these estimates. Because the targets represent the standard we want students to reach or exceed by the end of the year/key stage it is to be expected that they will be below that standard initially. As the year progresses we expect students to move closer to their target.  

    The progress against target is show in a chart:

    Go 4 Schools - Progress & Targets

    In this example, the Year 7 student is clearly excelling in Music and currently below target in English. At the start of the year we might expect a student to be slightly below their end of year target; this is indicated by the yellow progress bars above.

  • Subject Assessments

    Go 4 Schools enables you to track the grades achieved in each module and assessment in addition to the overall grade the student is currently working at.

    Go 4 Schools - Subject Assessments

    In the example above, the student has only completed one assessment in each subject and so their current level mirrors the grade in the completed assessment. As the year progresses and more assessments are completed the current level will reflect the student’s overall performance.

  • KS3 Levels

    In Years 7, 8 and 9 students’ attainment is measured in levels. The challenge represented by these levels varies from one subject to another but the following table gives a very rough guide as to the standard we might expect of a student in any particular year:

    End of Year Working below age-related expectation Working at age-related expectations Working above age-related expectation
    7 4b 4a/5c/5b 5a and above
    8 5c 5b/5a/6c 6b and above
    9 5a 6c/6b/6a 7c and above

    It must be stressed that this is a rough guide only. A Year 7 student’s attainment in German, for example, will depend greatly on their experience of the language in Primary school. If you have any concerns about the progress of your child we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the situation with you.

  • Reports

    Our formal biannual reports can be found in the “Progress and Reports” section. Click on “view reports” to download a report. This section also displays the student’s current level/grade at the point when the reports were published - this gives a good indication of the progress made over time.

  • Other Useful Information

    Go 4 Schools presents attendance information, the student’s timetable and a link to an Individual Education Plan (IEP) if the student has one.