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  • Ofsted Report - November 2009

    'A Good School with some Outstanding Features'


    ‘Soham Village College has a number of very strong features which make it popular with parents and students. Strong pastoral support for all students results in a very caring community and students make outstanding progress during their time at the college with achievement significantly above average. The college rightly prides itself on the impact of its partnerships, both local and international, which contribute significantly to students’ development. Soham Village College is a safe and harmonious community and students’ behaviour around the college is exemplary. Their social, moral, spiritual, and cultural development is outstanding.’ - Ofsted November 2009.

    Soham Village College - 
Ofsted Inspection Report (May 2007)
    Soham Village College - Ofsted Inspection Report

  • The BETT Show 2006 - BECTA ICT Mark

    Soham Village College Awarded the New Becta BECTA ICT Mark at The BETT Show 2006
    Martin Lewis - ICT Strategy Manager (Left) & Dr David Lunn - Principal (Right)
    Receive the ICT Mark Award from Neil McLean (Centre) of BECTA

    Becta ICT Mark

    Soham Village College has become one of the first secondary schools in the country to achieve the new ICT Mark which recognises good practice in the use of computers in schools.

    As a pilot school, the college undertook an extensive self review which looked at all aspects of ICT including leadership, resources, curriculum, teaching and learning and administration. The self review framework which has been developed by the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) and other key stakeholders allows schools to evaluate their use of ICT against national standards.

    The ICT Mark was awarded to Soham following an assessment visit from BECTA which confirmed that the required standards had been met.

    Soham Village College Principal, David Lunn and ICT Strategy Manager, Martin Lewis collected the award at a ceremony held at the BETT Educational Technology show at Earl’s Court, London on Thursday 12th January 2006.

    The BETT Show Awards 2004

  • BECTA - ICT in Practice Awards 2004

    Dr. David Lunn of Soham Village College - Leadership (Secondary) Category Winner

    Dr. David Lunn of Soham Village College - Winner of the BECTA 'ICT In Practice Awards 2004' - Leadership (Secondary) Award Category
    Dr. David Lunn of Soham Village College (pictured far right)
    Winner of the BECTA 'ICT in Practice Awards 2004' - Leadership  (Secondary) Award Category

    Dr. David Lunn's hard work in encouraging and creating opportunities to use ICT in all levels at Soham Village College has won him a top award.

    The Vice-Principal, who has taught at the College since 1979, received a national education award at the British Educational Technology & Training Show 2004 (BETT). He will receive £2,500 with an additional £2,500 going to the College.

    Dr. Lunn, a science teacher, was named the winner of the Leadership (Secondary) Category in this year's British Educational & Communications Technology Agency (BECTA) - 'ICT In Practice Awards'. The awards, now in their fourth year, aim to identify models of excellent practice in promoting the use of ICT for teaching, learning and leadership.

    BECTA the British Educational & Communications Technology Agency, said the success of ICT is determined by the vision of those responsible for its planning and implementation and that the award rewards those who use ICT to create, manage and improve an environment where learning can flourish.
    Dr Lunn said: "I am delighted to accept this award. Although it was made in the leadership category, it is a testimony to the hard work and vision of many people over a long period of time who have made ICT a powerful component of teaching and learning at Soham Village College."

    "Every member of staff at the College has contributed to this achievement, not only teachers, but technicians, classroom assistants and administrative staff. They make up a great team and I am proud to work with all of them."

    The College has developed an extensive Website with On-Line Learning materials which has been built as a learning resource for use during the day or out of school hours. Staff in all subject areas are encouraged to use computers and in turn to urge students to use them in the learning.
    ICT lessons for older students are taught out of school hours to maximise the use of computers in all areas of learning.

    Stephen Twigg, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools, presented Dr Lunn with his award at this year's BETT Show which was held at Olympia in London on Thursday 8th January 2004.
    Schools Minister Stephen Twigg said: "We want to see the latest technology used across the curriculum in schools to enhance every child's learning experience. These awards recognise those who are making an impact now to benefit pupils in the most effective way, and I congratulate them all."

    Owen Lynch, Chief Executive, Becta, said: "The ICT in Practice Awards have attracted more entries from across the UK than ever. They have again successfully highlighted teaching professionals who are positively embracing and discovering the potential of ICT in education."

    "Identifying innovative and effective practice, and facilitating the sharing of this knowledge across sectors, is the critical role of the ICT in Practice Awards. I know teaching professionals listen to and learn from each other. Becta's role is to ensure leading practice is acknowledged, celebrated, and communicated to peers as widely as possible."

    The Award Categories included: Advice & Support, Inclusion, Innovation & Change, Leadership and Teaching. Two new categories were introduced in this year's awards, the "New to Teaching" award and the "Learning Assistance" award. Entries were received from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    The BETT Show Awards 2004

  • New Media Awards 2003 Finalist

    New Statesman - New Media Awards 2003 - Finalist for School Internet Project

    Soham Village College was short-listed as a finalist for the New Statesman - New Media Awards 2003 in the category of 'Best School Internet Project (Secondary School) ' along with 20 other schools across the UK. The award went to the school, teacher(s), class or school group that has done most to help develop real internet excellence amongst school students. The final judging took place on Monday 16th June 2003 and the winners and runners-up were informed at the end of June 2003. The winning secondary school was King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys with their excellent Geography Website. CharlesClarke MP, the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, presented the awards to the winners at a special ceremony held in London on Wednesday 16th July 2003, as well as giving a keynote speech.

    Since 1999, the awards have promoted projects that embrace new technology, fresh thinking and creative management in the UK. This is the fifth year that the New Statesman has conducted the New Media Awards.