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  • Spanish

    (Modern Foreign Languages Faculty)



  • GCSE Spanish

    Class of 2014 & 2015 Only

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    Exam Board  Langauge Qualification Specification
    AQA Exam Board - GCSE French (4655) Spanish GCSE Spanish 4695

    Unlock the door to endless opportunities!
    With the government's emphasis on the importance of being able to speak a foreign language, a language GCSE forms a key part of the secondary curriculum, and opens doors to 6th form, university and future career opportunities.

    Studying a Modern Foreign Language at KS4 offers you the chance to build on your language skills, to become more fluent, more accurate and to understand more easily. Learning a language is a valuable opportunity, and helps broaden your horizons as well as improving your thinking skills.

    You will follow a course which covers 4 areas of experience in the foreign language:

    Lifestyle (Health, Relationships & Choices)
    Leisure (Free Time, Media & Holidays)
    Home & Environment
    Work & Education

    You will practise and develop your language across the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  You will have a core course-book and access to internet material, but will also use real reading and listening materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television, further texts from the internet and video/DVD clips to improve your fluency and ability to understand and communicate in the language.  You will also have increased opportunity to practise your speaking skills with the Foreign Language assistants.


    Students are assessed in four skill areas:  Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing

    • Listening 20%
    • Reading 20%
    • Speaking 30%
    • Writing 30%

    Students may be entered for GCSE examinations at either Higher or Foundation Tier in Listening and Reading, in either the January or June of Year 11.

    Speaking and Writing are controlled assessment exams, undertaken throughout Years 10 & 11, and offer you the chance to develop and improve your marks.  Students must submit 2 speaking and 2 writing exams.

    Other Information

    Students will be taught in sets according to ability. We are planning to offer a visit to Spain during the course to help students improve their spoken Spanish.

    See Miss Warner for more details.