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  • ASDAN International + CoPE

    (Modern Foreign Languages Faculty)


  • ASDAN International + CoPE

    Class of 2014 & 2015 Only

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    Exam Board Qualification Specification
    ASDAN International - ASDAN International + CoPE Certificate ASDAN International + CoPE Certificate Level 2

    ASDAN International + CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness) is an exciting course which involves language skills and development of cultural awareness, together with links with other subject areas.  It is designed to stimulate and recognise achievement for those students wishing to follow a different pathway to GCSE, and develops a number of skills which are transferable across subjects and careers.

    Students will be given the opportunity to study a new language, either Spanish or Italian, and will also undertake a module of French in preparation for the visit to Paris in July.  Work undertaken in Paris contributes to a sixth of the overall course.


    Assessment is via completion of a portfolio of work which is compiled over the course of the two years and includes language work, CoPE modules and evidence from work experience, as well as work completed during the Paris visit.

    Students must complete a total of 12 credits (6 ASDAN, 6 CoPE) and pass 6 key skills to achieve the award  (‘Improving own learning’, ‘Working with others’, ‘Problem solving’, ‘Discussion’, ‘Oral presentation’, and ‘Research’ – skills which are all transferable to other subjects and future careers).  Students also undertake a number of other activities, including First Aid training, which can result in the award of a further certificate.

    Other Information

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in the visit to Paris at the end of July in Year 10 during which time they will complete 2 credits of the course.

    See Miss Warner for more details.