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  • Music

    GCSE Music - Year 9

    This section is aimed at Year 9 students who are thinking about opting for music at GCSE level.

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    A Powerpoint presentation outlining the GCSE music course.

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    What is GCSE Music good for?

    Music related careers:

    Music teacher
    Radio work, presenter, technician
    Music therapist
    Acting – Shows, TV, Musicals
    Acoustic engineer

    GCSE music is also a very admirable qualification that employers or universities are looking for as it tells them something about you.  Many doctors, lawyers, scientists, and other professionals have MUSICAL talents.

    Having studied music tells people that you are:

    Self – motivated (rehearsals, ind. Practice of instrument/vocal work)
    Team player who can lead and support others
    Good listener
    Can work under stress – time commitments, deadlines

    MUSIC is split into THREE parts:




    Coursework = 60% (performances and compositions)

    Terminal Task = 15% (set comp under exam conditions)

    Listening Paper = 25% (Theory and history)

    As 75% is skills based it is encouraged that GCSE music pupils are taking instrumental or voice lessons with a specialist teacher, in or out of school.  If there are financial difficulties with this then pupils can come and speak to me in private.  Some financial help has been given in the past to pupils who show good musical ability but are unable to afford lessons. 

    There is no minimum grade to take music.  Some students have asked me if they can take it as they have not got Grade 3. If you are hardworking and willing to try your best then this is all that is required.

    Regular h/w and research and comp assignments are set.  Pupils are expected to meet deadlines and complete all tasks set.

    Pupils give regular class presentations and concerts in music.  Everyone must be a soloist and be willing to perform in group work on their instrument and vocally.  Pupils should also be committed to extra curricular events and activities such as Concert, Musicals, Groups, trips.

    Finally if you enjoy music and are willing to work hard then you are very welcome to take music.