Soham Village College

Textiles - Year 9

In Year 9, students follow a carousel model where they will spend 1 half term in Graphics, Textiles, Resistant Materials, and Systems & Control (Electronics) and a further 2 half terms in Food. Each subject will aim to improve a student’s skills and knowledge in that area to help prepare them for taking a GCSE in a D&T subject.
Students are assessed against learning ladders that detail what is required to achieve each level. In Year 9 these ladders are specific to each D&T specialism and will include elements of both knowledge and practical skills. Students will also sit a test in each specialism that will assess their knowledge of the theory covered in lessons.
Food Food Preparation and Nutrition
The focus is to understand and apply the principles of nutrition and health to cook a repertoire of predominantly savoury dishes so that they are able to feed themselves and others a healthy and varied diet. Students will become competent in a range of cooking techniques and understand the source, seasonality and characteristics of a broad range of ingredients. Students will make mini carrot muffin, macaroni cheese, chilli con carne, lasagne and chicken chow mein.
FOOD (EVALUATE) Learning Ladder assessment
Food Preparation and Evaluation
The focus being to use a broader range of preparation techniques and practical skills when cooking. Students will adapt and use their own recipes to meet a range of dietary needs and life stages. They will also use awareness of taste, texture and smell to decide how to season dishes and combine ingredients. Students will make sweet and sour chicken, Thai green curry, shepherd’s pie and lemon drizzle cake.

FOOD (PRACTICAL) Learning Ladder assessment

Graphics  Mechanical Card project
Students will learn about linkage mechanisms and different types of materials and components used in Graphics. They will then use a range of hand and computer-based skills and equipment to design and make a card for a particular stakeholder that has moving parts.
GRAPHICS Learning Ladder assessment
Textiles  SMART Mobile phone case
Students will learn about a range of modern textile materials and equipment, including SMART materials and CAM embroidery machines. They will then design and make a mobile phone case that utilises this knowledge and builds an understanding of Anthropometrics and Ergonomics.  
TEXTILES Learning Ladder assessment
Resistant Materials Storage Bot
Students will focus on CAD/CAM, creating vinyl stickers using 2D design and the vinyl cutting machine.  They will also be working with plywood and acrylic for the first time, learning about their properties and how to work with and finish them.
RESISTANT MATERIALS Learning Ladder assessment
Systems & Control Exploring Electronic components in systems
Students will learn about components and how they are combined to make systems work. They will design systems and use simulations to test if they meet the needs of the stakeholder they identify for themselves. Students will be given the opportunity to use tools and equipment to manufacture a Printed Circuit Board.
SYSTEMS & CONTROL learning ladder assessment