Soham Village College

Textiles - Year 8

In Year 8, students follow a carousel model where they will spend 1 half term in Graphics & Textiles, and 2 half terms in Food & Resistant Materials. Each subject will aim to improve a student’s skills and knowledge in that area by giving them the opportunity to make high-quality products.
Students are assessed against learning ladders that detail what is required to achieve each level. There are 3 ladders that reflect the 3 main strands of D&T education – EXPLORE, CREATE, EVALUATE.
Food Nutrients
Make Burger, Soup, Oat bars, Bread and Pizza. Focus on improving cooking skills and knowledge of the main nutrients.
CREATE learning ladder assessment
Making Methods
Make Swiss Roll, Quiche and Cheese Envelopes. Focus on understanding and demonstrating the different making methods.
EVALUATE learning ladder assessment
Graphics  Mr Fothergill’s Seed Box
Design and make a piece of 3D seed packaging using CAD and card that appeals to young children. Focus on independence, making quality card products and hand drawing skills.
EXPLORE learning ladder assessment
Textiles  ‘Misfit’ (quirky soft toy-type creature)
Design and make a quirky soft toy using a range of textile fabrics and components, CAM embroidery and hand and machine sewing skills. Focus on developing sewing skills and making a high quality product.
CREATE learning ladder assessment
Resistant Materials Clock
Design and make a clock from timber and polymer materials that fulfils a given brief and list of specifications. Focus on developing workshop skills and making with polymers.
CREATE learning ladder assessment
  Add aluminium components to your clock design to develop skills and creativity. Final clock product will be evaluated against specifications and take consideration of stakeholders’ needs. Focus on developing workshop skills and making with metals. EVALUATE learning ladder assessment