Soham Village College

STudy Plus - Year 9

In Key Stage 3 students will have three lessons a fortnight, where they will follow a curriculum, which will enhance their literacy, presentation skills, confidence and awareness of the world around them, this part of the curriculum runs alongside the KS3 English provision. Students will also begin studying for the Entry Level Award in Workplace Hazard Awareness (British Safety Council)
In line with BTEC style qualifications students will receive a pass, merit or distinction mark


Informal letter writing – In-depth analysis of formal and informal letter writing Assessment of final informal letter

Internally assessed paper 3

Paper 3 (British Safety Council) – Accidents and health and safety in the workplace
Both will continue throughout the autumn term


Spring  Paper 5 (British Safety Council)  – Looking at Personal Protective Equipment this will continue until the end of Spring Term

Internally assess paper 5

Paper 4 (British Safety Council) - Health and Safety signage and the prevention of accidents

Internally assessed paper 4

Summer  Paper 1 & 2 (British Safety Council) – Health and safety hazards and a familiar and less familiar workplace Internally assessed paper 1 & 2 – completed portfolios submitted to The British Safety Council for certification
Research and discussion – Research and discussion on disability and the affect it has on daily life, work life and social life Final assessment through discussion