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Science - GCSE Triple



GCSE Separate Science (Triple Award)

Three Separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry & Physics

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Exam Board Qualification Specification
AQA Exam Board - GCSE Additional Applied Science GCSE Separate Science 8461 (Biology).
8462 (Chemistry).
8463 (Physics).

Some of our more academically able students will be given the opportunity to study the new AQA Separate Science GCSE through the options process. The content for the separate science exams is the same as for combined science plus extra content for each of the three disciplines. Each specification leads to a separate GCSE grade based on their overall performance in the two examinations which are 1 hour and 45 minutes in duration and students will be awarded three separate GCSE grades. There is no controlled assessment or coursework, but students will be assessed on their practical knowledge and skills through specially designed questions on the exam papers. Students will therefore need knowledge and experience of a prescribed number of practicals set by the board. This course will be run at higher level only and has a greater mathematical demand than combined science.

If you are in a Set 1 or 2 for Science by the end of year 9 and working at a secure level 6 in both maths and science, and especially if you want to study science at Advanced Level, we encourage you to follow the Triple Award course.  This gives a deeper insight into Science.  The three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics provide the best preparation for future courses such as A Level.