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GCSE Media Studies

GCSE (9-1) Media Studies

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Exam Board Qualification Specification
AQA Exam Board - GCSE Media Studies (4810) GCSE (9-1) Media Studies

 The table below is a breakdown of the units studied at GCSE and the format of the assessments

   Year 10

Year 11




Introductory tour of the key concepts of audience, media language, institution and representation.

Assessing own Focus on pop promotional videos and websites focusing on Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams Written & practical internal assignments

Learning set products in the print media examined unit: Pride & GQ magazines, Quality Street and This Girl can advertising campaigns, movie posters for The Man With The Golden Gun and Spectre

Written & practical internal assignments Focus on radio drama – BBC’s The Archers and two contrasting newspapers – The Guardian and The Sun’s responses to immigration Examination
Spring    TV crime drama – The Sweeney (1977) and Luther (2010) – a contrast and comparison Written coursework assignment Practising Print media and TV crime drama Internal mock examination
Researching for the coursework Various classwork assignments Sitting Paper 1 examination on a depth topic External examination
Summer    Producing a website using Wix to promote a new crime drama TV series Written Internal assessment N/A N/A  
Coursework assignment  N/A


 “Please be aware that Media Studies does involve examining controversial and challenging issues which some students may find upsetting: if you are easily offended or upset this may not be the right subject to choose.”