Soham Village College

Computing - Year 7





0. School Network and Email
Introduction to Computer Networks, Email and Password Security.

Baseline assessment

1. E-Safety
Understand what digital footprint means and how to stay safe in the digital age.


2. Computational Thinking
Series of problem-solving tasks to develop thinking skills.
Problem solving tasks
3. Programming
Plan, design, create, test and evaluate a program using a programming language.
Actual program with annotation
Spring  4. Hardware and Software / Data Representation
Learn how Computer Hardware and Software technology works. Learn binary code and how computers store and process data.
End of unit online test Combination of worksheets
5. Internet searching
Learning effective search skills. How search engines work? Implications of copyright.
End of unit product
Summer  6. Data Modelling
Use your data modelling skills to save the world from impending disaster. 
Final spreadsheet
7. Presentation skills
Producing a presentation focusing on fitness for purpose and audience. Presenting to class.
End of unit product